Project Mindbend

We produce a monthly EZine for 5000+ Trancers / subscribers worldwide. Next Issue will be circulated this week. Let us know if you want to be involved…

There is a stark duality in why we do what we do: Some of us are endlessly frustrated with the amount of mediocre music out there, BUT all of us are also endlessly impressed by some of the most amazing beautiful artists that touch us with their music and personalities.

PROJECT MINDBEND is NOT an Agency, and is NOT about advertising or promoting parties. We won’t tell you about every single party, there are already brilliant websites doing that. What we do have is a database of 5000+ trusting Trancers worldwide who are tired of the negative aspects and sounds at some trance parties, and the promoters that keep putting on the same tired lineup with negative elements.

Over the next few weeks, we will simply deliver what THEY ask for,
and we so far have less than 100 Artists to start writing about…
The EZine has an uber-simple format, and will allow you to find some of the best uplifting music in just a few clicks.

who plays trance or uplifting psytrance, please join the group, and please email us at and we’ll send you more info in the next few days.

Sign up here and we will never spam you or sell your info. We will only contact you in ways specified in this group (and not more than twice a month).

At the core if it all, PROJECT MINDBEND will simply bring information about exceptional Trance and Psytrance Artists closer to the actual Trancers and people that want to hear about them without all the Facebook distractions and excess guff.


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