chemistryflyerI put on the first ever Chemistry event in Sydney Australia on March 25th, 200o at the Palladium. The first chemistry was done in conjunction with Lucinda Bechor, after which I teamed up with Andrew Ostin (who is now a dj and artist) and went on to do a series of legendary events across three different venues. It was Chemistry where I was first approached by Jhon Ferris to do the decor for Plastic and subsequently a whole lot of other events in Sydney.

Chemistry has a special place in Sydney club lore. We brought together Sydney’s trance dj’s into the same event with Psy-trance. And although the event was over 2 floors, there was not a “psy” floor and a “trance” floor, but rather it changed randomly. This meant everyone moved around, making people more inclined to interact, and listen to both types of music.

flaskad2We have since put on Chemistry in Manila and London. In Manila, it was the only trance and psytrance night in the entire city. We had a devoted group of 700-900 people turn up regularly. Again we mixed trance and psy, so that clubbers and psy people mingled together enjoying the night.

In London, it was more psytrance, as the scene here doesn’t really allow for a mix of the two. Well, not yet anyway. We hope to someday change that.


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