vinyl never diesWhen I first started buying music in 1999, everything was on vinyl. Even though the CDJ-100s came out a year prior, it was a long time before anyone started using CD’s to mix with. I bought trance psy-trance, tech trance… anything trance. I still have a lot of that old vinyal, but rarely get a chance to play it as most clubs and events don’t offer the choice of CDJ’s AND Technics. I started out playing a mix of regular trance and psy-trance, which mixed very nicely together and worked perfectly for events like Chemistry.

I resisted giving up vinyl all the way until 2005. It became almost impossible to find psy-trance on vinyl after 2003, so I didn’t have a lot of choice but to make the switch. These days most of my bookings are for strictly psy-trance, although I do occasionally get booked at events to play trance. No matter if it is trance or pys-trance, my tunes are always uplifting and never cheesy. Driving bassline, harmonic melodies… music that makes you want to get up and dance.

Here are a couple of Psy-trance mixes

This is a 10 minute extract of a trance mix with visuals by the lovely VJ Baby K and Alternate Reality


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