Cohesion Club at 414 Brixton London

cdhesion-july-12-pics-043London has a lot of psy-trance events. On any given weekend you will usually have a choice of at least 2 parties to go to, usually many more. Many are outstanding, others… well let’s just say that there is sometimes room for improvement. I don’t want to say that any are better or worse than others, it all just depends on what you are after, what kind of music you like and what kind of comfort level you want in a venue. Besides, there are plenty of websites about the London scene where you can get exactly that kind of information.

One great night that is always fun and always filled with smiling faces is Cohesion at Club 414 in Brixton. It’s easy to get to, always has great music, offers a cafe for those that want munchies¬† and even has an outdoor terrace upstairs for smokers. It happens every first Saturday of each month. If you are visiting London and want to find a party that will always be good, make sure you check out Cohesion.

There is invariably a positive upbeat crowd here, and the DJ’s are well-chosen to rock the place. Yes, of course you’ll often find me playing there too.¬† Club 414 is easy to find, it’s on the Victoria line tube and the club is at 414 Coldwater Lane, just around the corner from the tube stop. Hope to see you on the dance floor.

Funny Moon Festival 2013

483096_520835611263919_1330243377_nSo it’s that time of the year again, the summer festival season. Ya gotta love this time of year. Outdoor events lasting for 5 days, meeting amazing people and hearing outstanding dj’s and live acts playing in nature. It is always amazing to see whole mini cities built up for the purpose of a great party. And how everyone helps out to make the event great.

We will be playing at Funny Moon Festival in Valec, Czech Republic from the 10th to the 15th of July. This is one of the nicest crew of people I have ever played for, and those that attend are no different. Great music, stunning location (this year it is by a castle) and lots of smiling faces. If you can make it to this part of the world around this time, I highly suggest you be there.

The info is at ::

Switching Websites

symmetry festivalA very long process indeed, I am in the middle of changing websites. It will give me a chance to update content regularly as well as list any new upcoming gigs.

It is a pretty long process, going through 12 years of photos, gig dates and weird comings and goings. So if you happen to stumble upon this site before it is ready, just bear with me. It is probably best if you just subscribe, so then you can get regular updates, new mixes and see if I will be playing somewhere near you.

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