Cohesion August 3rd 2012

Cohesion is back again at club 414 this weekend..

This one is called “The Sunset Adventure” as the sun goes down, the music starts… and it’s great to watch the sun come up early out on the terrace. It’s Cohesion as usual, it’s a family gathering with a really happy vibe. Top quality line up, the cream of the scene in rotation.
The sunset line up is Psychedelic fullOn all night long. The club offer 2 Floor’s/ Caffe / Chill Out lounge playing
movies all night and an open Roof For those who wish to Smoke.
You will find Friendly Security, psychedelic New Backdrops and 2 Lazer’s running alongside all New Light’s. See you there – be early, I am on at 1:30 am.

The line up includes:

CHAMPA ●ૐ● ” Live” – ( YSE)
LIBRA9 ●ૐ● ” Live” – (HALCYON)
Pan ●ૐ● Yours truely….
Prozak ●ૐ●
Monster ●ૐ●
ThallOm ●ૐ●
Digital Stone ●ૐ●
Melodic Noise ●ૐ●

Don’t mis out on this one….



When I started doing events in Barcelona way back in 1997, I got seriously involved in doing the decor for the parties. It was my first foray into doing decor and had no idea what I was doing at all. When I moved to Ibiza the following year, I had the chance to do decor for a few of the major event promoters. It was a hell of a learning experience. They had budget for decor that would put a small country to shame.

zen club sydney australia ceilingsWhen I started doing events in Sydney, that’s when I really got a chance to do things my way. I had (and always have had) some crazy ideas on what would look good inside a club or event. My first events, Bindi Bender and Deep Water with the Energy Emperors in Sydney gave me the chance to explore possibilities with decor. But when I did my first Chemistry event I felt I really had achieved what i as looking to do.

hoops and slinkys~Plastic At Zen

sydney outdoor2Outdoors somewhere in Australia

dragons head~At The Entrance of Tantra Oxford St.

plastic spiderEntire stage of Spider Web

plastic cone~They Were Cones

plastic uvMadness withUV and More Cones

plastic overview2Plastic at Bay 33

sydney outdoor1Outdoor Psy-trance